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At NAWIC Chapter 192, our top priority is to impact our community with a variety of different construction related programs that cater to all ages of youth in our community.  

Check back to this page periodically for updates; we appreciate your patience!


We organize tool boxes full of the essentials needed by the H4H homeowners as they embark on the next big chapter of their life: owning and maintaining a home of their own!  NAWIC presents these tool boxes to the homeowners at their home dedication event so they are ready right as they walk through their front door!


GRITT Camp is a High School level program designed to introduce young ladies to careers in the construction field.  In this after school camp, the young women get to participate in a myriad of projects using ironwork/welding, electrical, concrete paving and carpentry skills to spark interest in a career field which has historically only been marketed to men.


Construction Career Days is another fantastic program focused on exposing all high school level youth to the many exciting careers our industry has to offer.  This hands-on field trip allows kids to ask questions, operate heavy equipment, and learn about our industry from the people who do this everyday for a living.


Block Kids is a fun, STEM-related program geared toward elementary aged students.  Using colorful building blocks, kids are inspired by construction to build something related to the field only limited by their imagination.  While elementary school is quite early to be thinking about careers, Block Kids allows us to introduce the concept of construction by relating it to what their parents, family or trusted adults do to what their possibilities could be once they are older.


NEF Scholarships are one way NAWIC Chapter 192 can give back to the collegiate level base, supporting their career in a construction related field by lending support to the foundation of their education via a scholarship.


The Drafting Competition can be hosted at the HS or Collegiate Level and inspires students to create a drafting project based on a National NAWIC design concept.  Students compete at the local, regional and national level to see whos drawings incorporate all the elements of the design thoughtfully and completely.  If selected, monetary prizes are extended to the winners.


WIC Week stands for Women In Construction Week.  This week of March is when we really showcase the concept of Women In Construction. Every chapter in the nation participates in social media blasts, job walks, PD&E events and more to help promote and celebrate women in the construction industry.

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